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PROJECT: VetRelief Executive Director
Office: Generic Ambien Price ext. 222
Jennifer Cooper impacts the lives of our service members in communities throughout the state with her creativity and passion to help others. Her wide-ranging knowledge of fundraising, event management, and social media, combined with her technical and artistic skills, make her an essential part of the PROJECT: VetRelief team.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University and, bolstering her desire to make an impact, she joined the nonprofit industry in 2012. Jennifer’s responsibilities as Executive Director with PROJECT: VetRelief consists of general oversight of the program; including website design and management, collateral creation, social media messaging, and event support.


Buy Phentermine Online Australia

Case Worker
Office: Generic Ambien Price ext. 225
Michael is an Army tank mechanic veteran and was stationed in Germany, Fort Knox and Fort Benning. He joined the American Legion in Sellersburg, Indiana and moved to Florida in September 2014 and now a current member of Post 6 in DeLand.

Mike brings a lot of experience and passion to our Case Worker position. It is his goal to help as many veterans as he can that meet the guidelines of funding.


Buy Phentermine Uk

Case Worker
Office: Generic Ambien Price ext. 225
Cristina joined the PVR Team in August as a part-time Case Worker. She has worked within the Orange County community for over 11 years by assisting those who needed additional resources and is currently enrolled in grad school at Southeastern University studying Human Services.

Although she did not serve in the armed forces, she has a passion for helping veterans and their families through their hard times. When she is not busy with her schoolwork or large family, she enjoys motorcycles, volleyball and volunteering through organizations to raise awareness for homelessness and providing sustainability to families.