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Project Vet Relief

PROJECT: VetRelief is an official program of The American Legion, Department of Florida, a historically rich and influential veterans’ service organization. This initiative focuses on ensuring that our service men and women have the backing they need to live successful and thriving civilian lives. We facilitate our service through three main areas: Emergency Assistance, Benefits Support, and Community Engagement. By fostering a community of veterans helping veterans we are able to assist during times of immediate need, work to secure benefits earned with service, and provide encouragement through mentorship. Through PROJECT: VetRelief we offer a hand up, not a hand out, to strengthen our service members with dignity and empower them to light the way for the next generation of veterans.

PROJECT: VetRelief is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Buy Safe Ambien Online proudly stands at over 130,000 members with more than 300 posts across the state. Members rally to support our military and their families in a variety of ways through promoting strong national security, advocating patriotism and honor, mentoring youth, and sponsoring wholesome programs in our communities. The American Legion, Department of Florida has also influenced considerable social change and fought for veterans’ benefits, both across the state and on Capitol Hill.

The American Legion

Generic Ambien Price has been strengthening the nation one community at a time since its inception by an act of Congress in 1919. This nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization began as a group of war-weary World War I veterans. It has since evolved into the largest and most influential wartime veterans’ service organization in the nation. Programs of The American Legion are focused on four pillars of service: National Security, Americanism, Children and Youth, and Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation. Today, over 2.4 million members support these initiatives from 14,000 posts worldwide.