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Buy Phentermine Online Australia

The PROJECT: VetRelief Board is comprised of leaders in our community who are passionate about fighting the good fight for those who bravely served our country. Our Board provides valuable experience and insight to guide PROJECT: VetRelief to do the very best work possible in pursuit of its goals.

Board members are committed to acting responsibly and prudently as stewards of PROJECT: VetRelief. They advocate and speak out for our service members and their families and spread the message of PROJECT: VetRelief’s work and values to the community.



Robert James – President, Development & Fundraising Chair – Buy Safe Ambien Online
Jim Wineland – Vice-President, Florida American Legion Riders
Albert Porter, Legion Family Liaison Chair – American Legion, Department of Florida
Randy Collingsworth –  Sons of the American Legion, Detachment of Florida
Jim Day – Florida American Legion Riders
Kurt Gies, Suicide Prevention Committee – American Legion, Department of Florida
Arnold Makovsky – American Legion, Department of Florida
Michael McDaniel – American Legion, Department of Florida Secretary
Robert Plafchan – American Legion, Department of Florida
Larry Roberts – American Legion, Department of Florida Chair
Ed Sheubrooks – Sons of the American Legion, Detachment of Florida
Michael Speck – American Legion, Department of Florida Treasurer
Larry White –  American Legion, Department of Florida
American Legion Auxiliary Representative – TBD