“Not only did they come to my aid when no one else would, but also gave me some amazing advice and invaluable information, but provided me with patience and understanding during an already difficult time.”

– Wife of US Army Veteran

“I wanted to express my appreciation for helping with my utility bill – it relieved some financial stress my family and I were under.  It was a blessing.”

– Florida Army National Guard Veteran

“I am a veteran with a service-connected disability and was basically just starting over from scratch. I ran into financial difficulties and called many places for assistance, but only The American Legion responded. They acted quickly and even brought the paperwork to me. They covered a months worth of utilities and now I can catch up. I am truly grateful.”

– Navy Veteran

“We were facing an eviction and were in danger of having our power shut off. I was scared for my three kids who are 14, 4, and 2… I want to thank each and every party for helping my family through a rough patch. This is a wonderful program for vets and more are needed.”

– Army Veteran

“The help our family received was a great relief. It’s nice to have a special group of people that care so much about our military!”

– USMC Veteran

“Emergencies don’t always happen Monday through Friday during business hours and the support provided on a Saturday evening shows great patriotism and support for the service members, veterans and military families of Florida.”

– Family Assistance Specialist, Florida National Guard Family Program