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PROJECT: VetRelief is founded on a model of veterans helping veterans. This gives us a unique understanding of the challenges our service men and women face. Whether transitioning from military to civilian lives, or during other heightened periods of adjustment and turmoil, we have been there. We have walked in the same shoes and we believe that no service member should have to face these challenges alone. PROJECT: VetRelief is committed to walking with our service men and women in both times of crisis and in times of celebration. We also provide opportunities for our veterans to then take the lead, when ready, to assist the next generation of veterans.

Emergency Assistance

Buy Xanax Aus

Our VetRelief Advocates make personal visits during a service member’s time of need to discuss the emergency at hand. We then schedule a follow up visit to evaluate further needs.

Benefits Support

Life’s next steps…

We meet one on one with service members and their families to assess benefits earned, then help apply for and access benefits.

Community Engagement

Paying it forward…

Service members who are provided opportunities to succeed and feel supported during times of crisis are better equipped to then help those in a similar situation down the line.

All services provided by PROJECT: VetRelief are at no cost to those served.

To locate a VetRelief Advocate in your community please contact our PROJECT: VetRelief Case Worker.

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