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Cheap Phentermine Online Pharmacy

YOU can help us make a dent in the tragic statistic of 22 veteran suicides a day that happen throughout our nation.

Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a major factor in veteran suicides.  There are many forms of assistance for PTS, whether it be counseling, group activities, service animals or just being in the right place at the right time. Look at how we are fighting to end veteran suicide.

Cheap Phentermine Online Pharmacy

There are already organizations who are providing their services for mental health to veterans and their families. In order to stop veteran suicide, PROJECT: VetRelief and Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg believe that this community of organizations need to work together.

Using a vetting process to identify credible sources, Florida programs are invited to join our Coalition Network to come together to better serve our veteran community. Organizations will need a track record working with veterans, have result based references and values that align with our mission.

PROJECT: VetRelief will not only establish a statewide network, but also provide financial assistance to help with treatment, education and awareness of the current epidemic throughout the veteran community.




Through various Challenge 22 events, PROJECT: VetRelief’s goal is to raise awareness on the staggering statistic on veteran suicide. Whether it’s a ruck walk, educational seminar or speaking engagement, there’s no shortage of opportunities to alert our communities on the importance of mental health within our veteran communities and understanding the severity of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).


February 22

Challenge 22 EventFern Park, FL 
Host: American Legion Post 183


March 28

Buy Diazepam ForumIcemen Hockey GameJacksonville, FL 

Purchase Tickets: Buy Diazepam From Europe
Group Sales: Contact Trent Blair at 904-661-7241

The Jacksonville Icemen have partnered with American Legion for a night out with a portion of each ticket sold will be donated back to Project Vet Relief!

$20 ticket = $5 donation
$30 ticket = $7 donation
$40 ticket = $10 donation



April 26 – May 2

Unity Ride / RallyEntire state of Florida
Host: Buy Xanax Uk Cheap

The Florida American Legion Riders will join forces for the Unity Ride to travel the entire state of Florida to raise awareness and collect donations to end veteran suicide.

There will be two routes: North and South. The North Route will begin in the panhandle and the South Route will start near Miami. Each route will be stopping at American Legion Posts along the way. Both routes end in Kissimmee, FL for the Florida Legion Riders Rally to celebrate the success of the Unity Ride. That event will be on May 2nd.

Join or donate: Buy Adipex Legally Online