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On Monday, September 23rd at approximately 8:30AM, the shotgun for the 6th Annual Golf Tournament hosted by Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg will take place.  The tournament is PROJECT: VetRelief ’s largest fundraising event and has brought in nearly $200,000 in just 5 years!

The anticipated 120 golfers will enjoy a premier experience at the Buy Safe Ambien Online, located in Monteverde, FL. Golfers should expect a day filled with fun, and many chances to win some cool prizes.

During the awards banquet and luncheon, there will be a silent auction featuring an impressive list of more than 50 items. Not to mention there will be a tasty buffet!

There are a few volunteer positions available, if you’d like to come and help out. If you are interested, please contact Generic Ambien Price at 407-295-2631 to coordinate the details! Hope to see you there!


Cristina joined the PVR Team in August as a part-time Case Worker. She has worked within the Orange County community for over 11 years by assisting those who needed additional resources, and is currently enrolled in grad school at Southeastern University studying Human Services.
Although she did not serve in the armed forces, she has a passion for helping veterans and their families through their hard times.

When she is not busy with her schoolwork or large family, she enjoys motorcycles, volleyball and volunteering through organizations to raise awareness for homelessness and providing sustainability to families.

We feel lucky to have Cristina as a part of our team as she brings a lot of passion and experience. She will be in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Please help us welcome her to the team!


Suicide among our veteran community has exceeded 22 a day. ink about it, that’s over 8,000 veterans we lose every year. We no longer can sit back and say, “that’s someone else’s problem”!

Over the past year, we have seen a great deal of interest from the Legion Family in supporting a new Suicide Prevention Initiative. In fact, we created a committee last November to address this tragic statistic on veteran suicide here in Florida. The Committee includes: John Dollinger, Bob James, Jim Wineland, Barry Roberts, Larry Roberts and Kurt Gies.

The committee’s plan of raising awareness, educating our communities and identifying Florida’s community partners was approved by the Board in June. They have already identified over 20 organizations that assist veterans with mental health needs. The committee is going through each organization using a vetting process to identify those who have a proven track record and are validated within their communities.

It will take the entire Florida Legion Family working together to even make a dent in this devastating epidemic our veteran community faces. But, we must start somewhere!