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Our largest fundraising event for PROJECT: VetRelief, the Annual Golf Tournament hosted by Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg, is scheduled for Monday, September 21st. Without this event, it would cause a huge financial strain to our Emergency Assistance Program!
Golfers will enjoy a premier experience at the Buy Safe Ambien Online, located in Monteverde, FL and should expect a day filled with fun and many chances to win some cool prizes while staying safe.
There will be some changes to this year’s event in order to adhere to the CDC and PGA Guidelines for COVID-19. There will now be a morning and afternoon shotgun start.
Additionally, the Silent Auction will be featured online. Therefore, you do not have to be present to participate and anyone can bid on these items. Featured items include: Generic Ambien Price, Buy Phentermine Online Australia, Generic Ambien Pill, Hunting Trip, and much more!
Buy Phentermine Uk
(Auction will open on September 11 and officially close on September 22)
We desperately need volunteers! If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Cooper at 407-295-2631 or Cheap Real Phentermine to schedule a morning or afternoon spot!


There were new orders of business for our Board Members during their meeting this past month. Members met on August 18th and practiced social distancing by keeping 6 ft. apart or tuned in virtually via Zoom to discuss the progress and future of our program.
For the next year, the Board will focus on establishing sustainable funding and expanding the Network and Coalition for both the Emergency Assistance and Suicide Prevention programs.
As COVID-19 continues, the Board is concerned that the ability to provide financial assistance to veterans and their families is at risk. Since March, the program has approved 165 cases and given out $124,479.17 for veterans who have experienced a loss of income due to the virus. As you can see, our veterans desperately need us!
Congratulations to our NEW Board Member, Larry Roberts!


The Coronavirus pandemic has brought on some unique changes to the American Legion, Department of Florida, including our first ever two-term Department Commander. Congratulations to William “Rick” Johnson on being the Department Commander again for 2020-2021!
We are so thrilled to learn that he has chosen to continue to support PROJECT: VetRelief as one of his charities for his Commander’s Project. Here’s how the Commander has chosen for the donations to be processed:
Any donation marked as “Commander’s Charity” will be divided equally between his two charities: PROJECT: VetRelief and Buy Diazepam Forum (COTA).
If you would like your donation to go towards a specific charity, please note that on the check. For example, write “Commander’s Charity – PROJECT: VetRelief” in the memo line.
Last year, through his efforts, Commander Johnson was able to bring in over $116,000 for our program. We are challenging YOU to help him surpass last year’s total!
Legion Posts are asked to make a one-time donation or hold fundraising event(s) to help him reach his goal. If you are planning an event for PROJECT: VetRelief, we can help promote it. Contact Jennifer Cooper by sending an email to Cheap Real Phentermine with all of the details!