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Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg

Fall Conference is right around the corner!

Want to be a part of the PROJECT: VetRelief Team?  Seize the opportunity at The American Legion, Department of Florida Annual Fall Conference, November 13-15th. Join us for a Buy Safe Ambien Online, stop by to meet our staff, and let us send you home with marketing materials for your Post or upcoming events.  We look forward to meeting you!  Here are some opportunities to engage with us…



Cheap Generic Valium


Friday, November 13th 8:30–9:30AM

Saturday, November 14th 2:30–3:30PM

During this class you will learn about the program and services of the organization, and learn best practices when facilitating casework. Space is limited for both classes, so be sure to sign up today! Generic Ambien Price


Friday, November 13th 10:00–11:00AM

Saturday, November 14th 4:00–5:00PM

Learn the Five Keys to Successful Fundraising. During this class, Legionnaires will be able to learn how to create a Classy fundraising page to raise money for PROJECT:VetRelief. Space is limited for both classes, so be sure to sign up today!  Buy Phentermine Online Australia


PROJECT: VetRelief will be in attendance during the Legion General Session to give an update on our progress and award our 2nd Humanitarian Award. If you miss us at General Session, no worries!  Stop by our vendor table and see us!


PROJECT: VetRelief will have a table set up during the entire the Fall Conference. You will be able to pick up marketing materials, purchase PROJECT: VetRelief merchandise, and ask any questions you might have about the programs and services we provide.




That’s right, the highly coveted gold polo will be available for$35.  In addition, we will be offering an exclusive PROJECT: VetRelief hat for $15.  Stop by our vendor booth while at Fall Conference and pick yours up.  Quantities and sizing are limited.




Immigration/Naturalization Seminar, Ms. Elizabeth Ricci – Salon 8
Friday, November 13th – 11:30am – 12:30pm

The Immigration/Naturalization Seminar is a comprehensive and informative presentation designed to arouse interest among eligible veterans, friends and families as well as the community on how to begin and complete the citizen naturalization requirements. Renowned immigration law attorney, Elizabeth Ricci, Esq., of the law firm, Generic Ambien Pill, Tallahassee, is presenting a Power Point focusing on current USICS laws and procedures and open the seminar to questions. The seminar is open to all veterans. Membership in The American legion is not a requirement to attend. Non-Veterans may attend if space is available.

Big Bend AHEC – Tobacco Cessation Class, Mr. Anthony Jones – Salon 8
Saturday, November 14th – 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Buy Phentermine Uk (Big Bend AHEC) is focused on improving Veterans’ health. Anthony Jones, a retired Veteran and previous smoker, is conducting a one-hour class and will give our Legionnaires the tools to quit smoking. He will not point any fingers or give a lecture; he is focused on listening and facilitating feedback.




Over 100 golfers gathered at Windermere Country Club on Friday, September 25th to support PROJECT: VetRelief in the 2nd Annual RL James Charity Golf Tournament.

Cheap Real Phentermine hosted partners, vendors, and friends to a fun filled day of golf raising $26,700 for PROJECT: VetRelief!

Mr. James is dedicated to supporting veterans, as a PROJECT: VetRelief Board Member, through Fundraising, and the hiring of service members. He and his wife Rita are an inspiration to our team and we are proud to have found such dedicated partners in them!

For more information to learn about employment opportunities with RL James, Inc. contact Buy Diazepam Forum.



Don’t forget to mark your calendars for your District’s Round Robin Ride benefitting PROJECT: VetRelief. Every District is in competition between one another trying to earn the most points. Rides will be going on now through November 8th, so be sure to contact your Legion Rider District Chairman for information on your District’s ride.

The District that has the highest point total, will receive this year’s Round Robin trophy at this year’s Fall Conference and will have a year’s worth of bragging rights! Online registration is up, Buy Diazepam From Europe(Each early registration gets 50 extra points towards your District total)

Copyright © 2014 PROJECT: VetRelief, All rights reserved.

1912B Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 270-9204