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As we continue to grow and the word spreads, so does the demand  and workload on our team. In fact, each month, we receive over 1,500 phone calls from Florida veterans who are needing some type of assistance.

What does PROJECT: VetRelief do each month to accommodate these calls? Our caseworkers provide guidance and direction regardless of their inquiry; whether we are providing financial assistance through our emergency fund or guiding them through a VA sponsored program. Additionally, we are supported by and rely
on our advocates to conduct field interviews and help us determine the qualifications and merits of each financial case. It takes the collaborative efforts from our entire PROJECT: VetRelief Team, hired part-time caseworkers and volunteered advocates, to meet the demands of the veterans and their families who need us.

2018 FALL CONFERENCE: Come visit us! 

This month is The American Legion, Department of Florida Fall Conference. The event will be held at the Renaissance at Sea World in Orlando, FL from November 2-4, 2018. Check out the different activities we have going on:


• Pick up marketing materials (Vendor Area)
November 2-3 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM
• Service Officer Presentation (Palini)
Friday, November 2 at 8:00 AM
• EXCLUSIVE Networking Event
Friday, November 2 at 5:30PM
*MUST be a trained VetRelief Advocate.
• Legion Presentation (Crystal DE)
Saturday, November 3 around 12:00PM
• Advocate Training (Palini)
Saturday, November 3 at 2:15-4:30 PM

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!
*Times and room locations are subject to change.

Suicide Prevention… Update

Over the past few months, we’ve had a significant amount of interest in supporting a new suicide prevention initiative, especially from the Auxiliary and the Legion Riders. Our Board of Directors has been working diligently to establish how PROJECT: VetRelief can evolve to make a dent in the tragic statistic of 22 veteran suicides a day that happen throughout the nation.


Larry Roberts has been much more than a VetRelief Advocate for not only PVR, but for the American Legion and other veteran service
organizations. He is a trained Post Service Officer and has also served as the Legion’s Entitlement Chairman. We are fortunate
that he will help guide us as we establish our action plans moving forward.

It will take the entire Legion Family working together to help bring awareness to this devastating epidemic our veteran community faces. Be on the lookout for fundraising events, such as the upcoming Winter Garden Post 63 Challenge 22 Ruck Walk on November 17th.