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Buy Roche Diazepam Online

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is not going to stop the Florida American Legion Riders from raising awareness and much needed funds to end veteran suicide. The annual Unity Ride was scheduled to kick off Sunday, April 26th for a week-long journey through the entire state of Florida. However due to the current pandemic, Riders
Chairman, Jim Wineland, was forced to take the ride VIRTUALLY.

This was not an easy decision, as this event is something the Riders look forward to every year. However, they are doing their best to accommodate and support PROJECT: VetRelief’s Suicide Prevention Initiative (SPI) in these uncertain times. Their goal is to still raise $50,000 for the program.

What does a VIRTUAL event mean? Riders are encouraged to still ride, but only individually. They have been challenged to ride 22 miles for the 22 veterans who take their lives every day sometime before May 22nd. Once they complete their ride, they are asked to document on their social media accounts with a photo and using
#iRideforthe22. Every registration, dollar raised, and photos posted using the hashtag will give their District points towards the coveted District Trophy.

Additionally, all participants have been asked to create a fundraising page to share with their friends and family to collect donations. The more funds they raise, the more prizes they earn.

Join the Florida Legion Riders and make an impact on Florida’s veteran community and help save lives! You can either sign up to participate in the virtual event or make a donation to their campaign.

REGISTER OR DONATE HERE: Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg


As many organizations are being forced to close their doors, our veterans are unable to work and provide an income to support their families. PROJECT: VetRelief has teamed up with the Buy Safe Ambien Online to support those who are affected by this pandemic. We have been able to fund over 50 cases for April alone,
which is three-times our monthly average. We are expecting May and June to be very similar.

The application process has been adjusted to assist veterans who are experiencing loss of income due to the virus. A new condensed form was created and additional documentation is required to show proof of loss in income. Funds at the present time are covering shelter and food expenses only.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: PROJECT: VetRelief and the Florida Veterans Foundation are counting on individuals and corporations to help us meet this increased demand. Please donate so that together we can assist all those who need our support.

DONATION LINK: Generic Ambien Price

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send the application, DD-214 (member 4 copy), proof of temporary/permanent layoff due to coronavirus, and the bill for which you are requesting assistance to: or by fax (407) 299-0901. For the safety of our staff and volunteers, our office is closed to outside visitors. Therefore, we will not take any
walk-in appointments or applications that are hand-delivered.