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Buy Soma 500Mg Online

After much deliberation and research, we are excited to announce that we have created strategic partnerships with six organizations. The following organizations are focused on mental health for veterans and their families: Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg, Buy Safe Ambien Online, Generic Ambien Price, Buy Phentermine Online Australia, Generic Ambien Pill, and Buy Phentermine Uk. These organizations have received a donation from PROJECT: VetRelief’s Suicide Prevention Initiative (SPI) to sponsor a veteran through their program or assist with bettering their services.
In April, the Suicide Prevention Initiative Team will host it’s first of many Network Coalition meetings. During this time, several mental health organizations will get together to brainstorm how we can all work together to end veteran suicide.
Additionally, branding for this initiative has been revealed. Participants of the Cheap Real Phentermine will have a chance to earn the first versions of the official apparel. Anyone can join to raise funds and receive these items. Visit Buy Diazepam Forum to sign up today!
To learn more about SPI, visit: Buy Diazepam From Europe

ICEMEN HOCKEY GAME: Proceeds benefit Suicide Prevention

MARCH 28TH | Jacksonville, FL
To purchase tickets, visit:
Buy Xanax Uk Cheap
Purchase (10) ten or more tickets, by calling Trent Blair: 904.661.7241 or email

SPOTLIGHT: Avon Park Awareness Event

Thank you for everyone who attended the Challenge 22 Event at American Legion Post 69 in Avon Park on February 15th. What a successful event to raise $2,600 and awareness for veteran suicide!
There were approximately 400-500 people and over 40 vendors who attended this event. Vendors included Veteran Service Organizations and companies who provided Veteran benefits. After walking 1 mile to raise awareness for Veteran suicide, attendees heard from expert speakers explaining warning signs and symptoms of mental health, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Congratulations to Larry Roberts and his team for putting together such a wonderful day.