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As expected, May was another big month for financial assistance and providing emergency support to our veterans and their families during the coronavirus. Thankfully, our program has been able to accommodate to the immediate demand and assisted over 90 veterans who were unable to work due to the virus.

However, we will not be able to sustain this level of support for much longer. The program has already surpassed the amount of funding provided in 10 months than what we gave out the entire year last year.

Buy Bulk Ambien

Now, more than ever, we need the support of the Legion Family to help us continue our mission of providing assistance to our service members in their time of need!

Remember – Commander Rick Johnson chose PROJECT: VetRelief as one of his charities. If your Post was planning to make a donation at the Department Convention, you can send it into Headquarters and contribute to his efforts.

We want to keep providing our services to veterans, active duty military and their families for years to come. In order to do that, we need everyone’s continued support. Please remember we are veterans serving veterans, every day.

The PROJECT: VetRelief Team has continued to support veterans through the coronavirus. Our Case Workers processed our highest-record number of cases. We partnered with Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg to create COVID Care Kits for our veterans. As our state becomes more open, we need more fundraising events to fill the gap of funding needed due to the demand of this pandemic! Funds are needed to provide the necessary help our veterans need, even during these uncertain times.

Florida Legion Riders – Reached Their Goal!

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, did not stop the Florida American Legion Riders from raising awareness and much needed funds to end veteran suicide. The annual Unity Ride was scheduled to kick off Sunday, April 26th for a week-long journey through the entire state of Florida. However due to the current pandemic, Riders Chairman, Jim Wineland, was forced to take the ride VIRTUALLY.

All participants were asked to create a fundraising page to share with their friends and family to collect donations. The more funds they raised, the more prizes they earned.

Despite having to alter the annual Unity Ride event details, the Legion Riders took on the challenge and collectively raised over $55,000 for our Suicide Prevention Initiative! The Virtual Ride also saw an increased participation of Legion Family Districts, as more people were able to get out and ride the 22-miles. Riders were
also encouraged to share photos of their Rides on their social media accounts using #iRideforthe22.

Congratulations to Board Member and Florida Legion Riders Chairman Jim Wineland, Florida Legion Riders Adjutant Beverly Wooten and the entire Legion Riders Family for all their hard work to raise to End Veteran Suicide! We are overwhelmed with joy on how you all stepped up and didn’t let the pandemic get in your way of supporting our veterans in their time of need.