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SPOT LIGHT – Post 359 Fundraising Activities

During January, the Legion Family from Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg are dedicating their entire fundraising efforts to benefit PROJECT: VetRelief. They have many events planned over the course of the month including a variety of dinners, motorcycle rides and movie nights.

We are grateful for the support of all those involved in planning for these events and are truly honored they chose our program to receive the funds generated. The full listing of events are below. Please be sure to head to Titusville and support them in one or all of their fun activities.

Buy Safe Ambien Online

DID YOU KNOW? – Few Quick Facts

► The PVR office was closed from December 24th and reopened on January 2nd. Be patient as we work through calls received during that time.

92% of every dollar donated to the program goes directly to our veterans and their families. Less than 2% is used towards organizational compliance and accounting/banking fees.

► We are collecting resources and contact names of Veteran Service Organizations to create a state-wide resource tool. If you have any contacts you’d like to share, please visit the following website to enter their information: Generic Ambien Price

► Our veterans are depending on us to process their financial assistance cases in a timely manner. If you are conducting an interview on our behalf, please schedule a meeting and return the follow up report as soon as possible.

► Commander William “Rick” Johnson chose PVR as one of his charities for his fundraising project. When submitting donations for his efforts, be sure to include “Commander’s Charity” in the memo line. Let’s help him get to his goal of $75,000!

► PVR has partnered with Buy Phentermine Online Australia. If you choose PROJECT: VetRelief, Inc. before checking out, Amazon will donate 10% of your order to our program!