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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Vets Invade the Canyon

Come and celebrate the American Legion’s 100th Birthday at the Vets Invade the Canyon Concert on Friday and Saturday, January 18th-19th at the Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg. This two-day birthday celebration is being hosted by Buy Safe Ambien Online in Crystal River and have designated event proceeds to benefit PROJECT: VetRelief.

 FRIDAY NIGHT (1/18/19) CONCERT features Generic Ambien Price, Buy Phentermine Online Australia and Generic Ambien Pill

SATURDAY NIGHT (1/19/19) CONCERT features Buy Phentermine Uk, Cheap Real Phentermine and Buy Diazepam Forum


Visit Buy Diazepam From Europe or contact Buy Xanax Uk Cheap at the Department Headquarters Office before January 15th.

DID YOU KNOW: Program Facts

97% of every dollar donated to the program goes directly to our veterans and their families. The additional 3% is used for organizational compliance and accounting/banking fees.

  The PVR office was closed from December 22nd and reopened on January 2nd. Be patient as we work through calls received during that time.

  Legion Riders have already raised over $10,000 for our NEW Suicide Prevention Initiative and have future events planned to raise even more.

  We are collecting resources and contact names of Veteran Service Organizations our VetRelief Advocates work with to create a state-wide resource tool. If you have any contact you’d like to share, please visit to enter the information: Buy Adipex Legally Online

  The Legions 5th District is encouraging Post 400 members to transfers into a local post. As an incentive, the 5th District will donate $5 of their dues to PVR.

  Jim Wineland, Florida Legion Riders current Department Chairman, joined the Board of Directors in November during the Fall Conference meeting.


All of PROJECT: VetRelief’s financial support comes from the generosity of individuals and corporations who believe in what we do. Join us for one of our next events, or hold your own fundraiser.

 If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Cooper at 407-295-2631 or Buy Cheap Xanax From Canada.

 Vets Invade Canyon – Jan 18-19, 2019

Crystal River, FL (Buy Alprazolam Pills)

 Coral Head Music Fest – Feb 16-17, 2019

Marathon, FL (Buy Soma Online 500Mg)

 Legion Riders In-State Unity Ride / Concert – Apr 2019

Tampa or Daytona, FL

 6th Annual Golf Tournament – Sept 2019

Bella Collina, FL

 Coral Head Music Fest – Nov 2020

Pinellas Park, FL