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Buy Phentermine K25 37.5 Mg


This year, the Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg’s Commander, Steve Shuga, chose PROJECT: VetRelief as his primary charity of choice. He indicated that the first $50,000 raised during his year will be earmarked for our program. Anything after that, funds will go towards the remaining Florida Legion programs, unless donations are marked specifically for PROJECT: VetRelief.

So far, the total amount raised this year is $32,153.00; that’s $17,847 short. We want to make sure that we help him reach his goal of $50,000!

Commander Shuga is in the middle of his District visits. While he’s making his rounds, present your donation to him and he will turn them into the Department Headquarters Office. And remember, any Post that donates through the Commander’s Charity will also be eligible for the PVR Challenge and receive awards during the Department Convention in July.

We’d like to thank the following Posts and Squadron who have already submitted their donations (order is listed by date received, not by amount given):

328 378 270 172 107 58 74
66 16 155 Sq 183 119 389 252
230 129 243 157 222 79 69


Get well soon, Michael Beaven!

As many of you know, our Case Worker, Michael Beaven, kicked off 2018 with an extensive cardiovascular surgery. This procedure was something he had been waiting for since 2012. The surgery went very well and he has already started to feel a difference during his recovery process. After spending two weeks in the ICU, he was finally able to go home and sleep in his own bed!

Michael would like for us to pass along that he is very thankful for the thoughts and prayers from his Legion Family. Although we are anxiously waiting for him to return, we hope that he takes the necessary time to heal.

WE ARE GROWING – More cases equals more funding!

As you can see from the chart on the left, PROJECT: VetRelief has been able to increase the number of military families we help through our financial assistance program. Already, we have helped 11 more families and given out an additional $17,630.54 than we did at this time last year. This is something we are very proud of!

All the support that we provide derives from funds donated from the Legion Family, corporations, and individuals who believe in the good work we do! We are so grateful for those who contribute to our organization. But, as the amount of financial cases increase, the demand for additional funding increases, as well.

You can help us continue supporting our service members by donating through the Legion Family Challenge, Commander’s charity or Post fundraising events.

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events

Feb 17 – 18: THIS MONTH

ALR Coral Head Music Fest
Marathon, FL

2 Day Pass: $45-Before event | $60-At Gate* 

Come rock out during a two-day concert event. Featured bands include: Buy Safe Ambien Online, Generic Ambien Price, and much more!

Buy Phentermine Online Australia

*Single day passes are available for $30 in advance or $40 at the gate.

May 11:

Post 409 Golf Tournament
Orlando, FL

Individual Player – $125 | Foursome – $400

Enjoy a day filled of fun, contests, raffles, and prizes.
Generic Ambien Pill!

Don’t forget to tell us about your PROJECT: VetRelief fundraising events!