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Buy Adipex Legally Online

In the wake of the government shutdown, The American Legion went public to assist active duty Coast Guard members through the Temporary Financial Assistance program. Even though the initial outreach was directed at families with minor children, Project: VetRelief immediately stepped up and began providing assistance to those that did not have qualifying children.
Through both programs, the Department Staff processed nearly 400 applications received from Coast Guard members.
The wave of US Coast Guard member applications has been overwhelming, but all cases in which there was not a minor child in the home have been provided with a $250 gift card to Publix. To date, there have been 29 Coast Guard members funded for a total of $7,250 through PROJECT: VetRelief.
We realize that this immediate support does not quite cover their entire need and have waived the guideline of providing assistance once per year in the case of Coast Guard members. Assistance through the regular program is available by using the traditional form and application process.
The Department Staff would like to keep providing support for as long as there is a need; however, funds for both programs are limited. We ask that you along with the members of your Post take a minute to realize the impact a donation from your Post can have on someone defending your coastline and not
receiving a paycheck.
PROJECT: VetReliefOrder Phentermine 37.5 Mg
Temporary Financial AssistanceBuy Safe Ambien Online

EVENT Spotlights:

Buy Adipex Legally Online

On January 18th and 19th, the PROJECT: VetRelief Team went to Crystal River to attend the Vets Invade the Canyon Event. Each evening started by celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion and continued with an evening filled with great music, food, and camaraderie. Musical guests included Generic Ambien Price, Buy Phentermine Online Australia, Generic Ambien Pill, Buy Phentermine Uk, and Cheap Real Phentermine.
Thank you to all Legion Posts and sponsors who supported the two-day event! We are so appreciative of all the time and hard work it took into planning and executing such a wonderful event. Kudos to the membership of Post 155 and all volunteers who made it all happen!

Coral Head Music Fest

VIP tickets, 2 Day and 1 Day passes are still available for the Coral Head Music Fest that will be held on February 16-17th. VIP includes preferred parking, FREE beer/wine, FREE food, preferred seating & more.
There are 10 Bands over the two-day event. Music includes: Buy Diazepam Forum (voice of Motley Crue), Buy Diazepam From Europe, Buy Xanax Uk Cheap, Buy Adipex Legally Online, Buy Cheap Xanax From Canada and MORE!!
For more information visit:


All of PROJECT: VetRelief’s financial support comes from the generosity of individuals and corporations who believe in what we do. Join us for one of our next events, or hold your own fundraiser.
If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Cooper at 407-295-2631 or Buy Soma Online 500Mg.
Coral Head Music Fest– Feb 16-17, 2019
Marathon, FL (Buy Valium Laos)
Legion Riders In-State Unity Ride / Concert – Apr 2019
Tampa or Daytona, FL
6th Annual Golf Tournament – Sept 2019
Bella Collina, FL
Coral Head Music Fest– Nov 2020
Pinellas Park, FL