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Buy Soma Online Us Pharmacy

Due to the increased demand to our program, we are already on track to surpass the total number of cases we funded from last year. Additionally, in October 2017, PROJECT: VetRelief received a large grant from the Florida Veterans Foundation that we will not be receiving again this year.

Therefore, the program growth and absence of funding will cause PROJECT: VetRelief to experience a significant strain due to the financial gap.

We are asking that you help ensure that we are able to continue our mission by Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg. As you make your final 2018 tax-deductible donations, please consider the immediate, and in some cases life altering, impact you can make on Florida’s veterans, active duty military members, and their families.

Your year-end gift will move us one step closer to reaching our goal of helping one veteran or military family for every work day – that’s 260 families. Best wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday season, from our family here at PROJECT: VetRelief.

P.S. You will make a difference with your tax-deductible
donation of any amount.

ADVOCATE CORNER: New Resource Tool

As a part of our efforts to grow and meet the needs of our services members, we are developing a centralized phonebook of veteran organizations or resources. This list of organizations can help PROJECT: VetRelief in two very important ways:

  • create state-wide relationships to assist veterans
    in a larger capacity
  • develop a web-based platform for anyone to use to identify resources within their local area; whether it be a veteran looking for help, or a new Advocate looking to network

You can help us develop this tool by providing a list of organizations and/or any contact representatives you are already working with. We’ve created an easy online form that you can use to send in your point of contacts.

Here is the link:
Buy Safe Ambien Online

Thank you for always stepping up to the plate and assisting veterans in whatever capacity needed!


Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the many PROJECT: VetRelief opportunities during The American Legion, Department of Florida Fall Conference. Take a look at all of the exciting things that happened!

  • Trained nearly 40 NEW VetRelief Advocates
  • Hosted Networking Event for trained Advocates with key
    topics of discussion
  • Board of Directors voted to establish a suicide prevention
    program and brought on a new member, Jim Wineland
  • Presented during Service Officer School and Legion’s
    General Session
  • Distributed marketing materials at the PVR Booth

Mark your calendars: Upcoming Events

All of PROJECT: VetRelief’s financial support comes
from the generosity of individuals and corporations
who believe in what we do. Join us for one of our next
events, or hold your own fundraiser.

If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Cooper
at 407-295-2631 or Generic Ambien Price.

  • Vets Invade Canyon – Jan 18-19, 2019
    Crystal River, FL (Buy Phentermine Online Australia)
  • Coral Head Music Fest – Feb 16-17, 2019
    Marathon, FL (Generic Ambien Pill)
  • Legion Riders In-State Unity Ride / Concert – Apr 2019
    Tampa or Daytona, FL
  • 6th Annual Golf Tournament – Sept 2019
    Bella Collina, FL
  • Coral Head Music Fest – Nov 2019
    Pinellas Park, FL