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American Legion in partnership with Gov Vacation Rewards invites all current and former members of the military to take advantage of an exclusive offer for Orlando Predators arena football tickets at the Amway Center all season long. Come celebrate the Orlando Predators 25th Anniversary with 100 % of the net proceeds being donated to Buy Safe Ambien Online.

Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico

2016 Home Game Schedule

  • Sat. April 9 | 7:30pm vs. Portland
  • Sat. April 23|7:30pm vs. Los Angeles
  • Sat. May 7 | 7:30pm vs. Arizona
  • Fri. May 13 | 7:30pm vs. Tampa Bay
  • Fri. May 27 | 7:30pm vs. Jacksonville
  • Mon. June 13 | 7:30pm vs. Cleveland
  • Fri. June 24 | 7:30pm vs. Tampa Bay
  • Sat. July 30 | 7:30pm vs. Philadelphia

To purchase tickets please contact Allyson Capeca at 407-295-2631