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Mr. Kaufman is a volunteer who believes in “veterans helping veterans.” As Service Officer, accredited by The American Legion, Department of Florida and the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, he works closely with veterans in need of assistance and volunteers his time every week on the campus of Keiser University.

Mr. Kaufman has filed multiple claims for compensation for veterans attending classes at Keiser University. He even assisted with transportation arrangements for an Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Mr. Kaufman waited for the young veteran to be seen at the Orlando VA Mental Health Center, sitting with him while he waited. He then took him to Lake Baldwin to receive his prescribed medications and then back to campus. “This veteran is a straight “A” student with a bright future but had no idea where to turn to get help with his PTSD, said Mr. Kaufman.   “He is now completely enrolled in the VA health care system and in the process of filing his claim for PTSD through my office.”

Mr. Kaufman states, “This is what we do in the Legion, we take care of our veterans and their families. It is not just filing claims for VA benefits but assisting veterans in the use of their VA home loan benefits, counseling, family emergencies, emergency financial aid, and scholarships for school. I am here for the veterans and their families.”

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