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We first met Jeff in a restaurant. An Army pack hung from the back of his wheelchair as he dined on pizza with his family. Never one to pass up an opportunity to thank our soldiers for their service, our Florida American Legion, Department Adjutant approached Jeff to say “thank you for your service.” Jeff was given a business card that evening and the directive to reach out, should he ever need anything.

Three months later, Jeff called. You see Jeff was a veteran of the United States Army who sustained a combat related injury to his leg, causing severe nerve damage and limited mobility. He was sent home and for six years Jeff saw doctor after doctor (16 doctors to be exact). But received no relief from the constant pain.

Then, just as he was approaching the point of loosing hope, Jeff visited a new doctor who offered a high probability of living pain free and the possibility to walk again with a below the knee amputation. Jeff opted for the surgery, which would take place just one week later. With an out-of-town surgery date quickly approaching and a family to take care of, Jeff needed help. PROJECT: VetRelief stepped in to assist with travel and meal costs allowing his family (parents, wife, and three children) to remain at Jeff’s bedside.

– Jeff, Army Veteran

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On August 1, 2014 Jeff underwent surgery with great success. His pain is 98% gone and he will soon be fitted for a prosthesis. Jeff’s goal is to be able to pick up his children and, by October, to walk down the isle as he and his wife of ten years renew their vows.

“We are truly blessed and thankful for the help! And looking forward to the future so I may pay it forward.”