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Generic Ambien Doesn'T Work

Generic Ambien Doesn'T Work

Date: Saturday, November 14

Location: Winter Garden Veteran’s Park (Buy Safe Ambien Online)

Host: Generic Ambien Price

Cost: $0 – $22 donation (Buy Phentermine Online Australia)




Come out to join the Winter Garden American Legion Post 63 for our community for a walk , block party and a day of camaraderie to help stop Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) Suicide of Veterans. You can also join us virtually on Facebook or Instagram using #challenge22vet. The ceremonies will be live-casted on FaceBook the day of the event.

If you decide to register for the Virtual event, we will send you information on how to make sure your photos and any video you may capture get broadcast at the Live event. We are asking you consider a $22 donation, but are welcome to participate regardless.

Join us for a patriotic opening ceremony, the walk, raffles, food, drink, kids activities, live music & so much more!  You are encouraged to bring your Ruck (hiking pack) if you have one or buy one of ours, but it is not required.  Walk the full 2.2 miles or stop after the first leg as we will pass by the Post where the Vietnam wall is set up.  We are hoping to have some of our WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets participating along with the younger generations.  Golf carts will be available if walking is difficult for you.

Bring your family & friends to join the hike or just come out to enjoy the festivities, there will be something for everyone! Again, the goal is to have a great time, while raising awareness to a tragic epidemic of 22 suicides per day due to PTS, while helping us fund solutions that are working.  We are trying to raise $100,000 to go towards proven prevention solutions and additional awareness.  This year we are asking everyone to donate at least $22 at the registration.  Your $22 Donation includes a limited edition Challenge Coin, plus a food and drink ticket at the event. If the money is an obstacle, don’t worry about it.  Please come join us anyway.  

Last Year’s Event:  Generic Ambien Pill

Event Schedule

10:00AM – Registration & sign-in will begin

11:00AM – Opening Ceremony followed by the 2.2 mile walk

1:00PM – Live entertainment, food, corn hole tournament, and much more!

Buy Phentermine Uk

Contact Cheap Real Phentermine to join the event!