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Domanique served her country. She received dynamic training in the Navy and earned two advanced degrees. But civilian life proved difficult. While pregnant for the first time, Domanique faced a high-risk pregnancy resulting in six months prescribed bed-rest to prevent premature birth. Halfway through her pregnancy, Domanique lost her job, her resources were depleted, and her wedding plans were suddenly halted.

As she mourned the end of her relationship with the father of her unborn child, Domanique was forced to focus her attention solely on her pregnancy. After being confined to a hospital bed days before delivery, Domanique was suddenly faced with additional complications. As a result, she required a blood transfusion. During this critical time, she was issued an eviction notice. This new mother, requiring highly specialized medial care, left alone to deliver, support, and raise her child was in jeopardy of losing the safety and security of her home.

Domanique, having never before received public assistance, reached out to multiple organizations without success, until finding PROJECT: VetRelief. For Domanique, it was more than the financial support that kept her from eviction. It was the “can-do attitude” of the PROJECT: VetRelief staff – answering questions, providing guidance, and maintaining contact. In her own words, “I appreciate the help I received because there were no strings attached and I was never disrespected or made to feel inferior. PROJECT: VetRelief supported me, a female veteran, who was working her life plan that fell apart before her very eyes.”

– Domanique, Navy Veteran

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Domanique is recovering well after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in July 2014.  She is closer to being caught up on her finances and has put together a solid plan to increase her income in order to support herself and her son as they journey through their new life together.

“In essence, I just thank God for putting me in touch with PROJECT: VetRelief. Everything will surely work itself out. We just have to ‘keep on trucking,’ as a nice man gently reminded me, just days ago.”