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Mother nature or Hurricane Irma could not stop all of you joining us to make an impact on the lives of our service members! We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of our vendors, clients, engineers, and friends who came out for our 4th annual charity golf tournament to support PROJECT:VetReliefBuy Phentermine Online Australia.  With your help we were able to raise $41,889!

PROJECT: VetRelief provides all of their services to active duty military, veterans and their immediate family members at no cost. Therefore, they rely heavily on the generosity of community leaders within the state of Florida – just like you!

On the day of the event, once again, we received praise not only for supporting our veterans but that we kept the FUN in fundraising!

On behalf of my partners, Generic Ambien Pill, Project:Vet Relief and American Legion we are thankful for the generosity and benevolent spirit that was shared out on the course!  We hope to see you again next year.


All of us at RL James, Inc.

Buy Phentermine Uk

2017 Fall Conference:

The American Legion, Department of Florida Cheap Real Phentermine is just around the corner. The event will be held from November 3-5, 2017 at the Renaissance at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL.
Check out all the opportunities you will have this year to learn more about the newest program to the Department and Commander Steve Shuga’s fundraising project.


Friday, November 4
• 8:00AM – Service Officer Presentation (Room: Atlantis)
• 9:15 – 9:45AM – Introduction to Post Leadership* (Room: Labrid B)
• 4:30 – 5:30 PM – Advocate Training* (Room: Nomeus)
The PROJECT: VetRelief Team will also have a table in the vendor area. Please stop by to meet them, collect any materials to take back with you to your Post, or ask any questions you might have.
Calling all trained Advocates – We will be holding a special eventfor all trained VetRelief Advocates. If you are interested in learning more information on this networking opportunity and have already taken our training course, please contact Jennifer Cooper, Buy Diazepam Forum , for the details.
We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you there!
*Times and room locations are subject to change.

And the Results Are In…

The 4th Annual RL James Charity Golf Tournament was held on Tuesday, September 26th. Our original event date was delayed due to Hurricane Irma. However, mother nature could not stop our sponsors and golfers from wanting to make an impact on the lives of our service members!
At approximately 8:30AM, the shotgun went off sending 115 golfers on their way as they were serenaded by Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”.
PVR Board Vice-President, Bob James, hosted corporate partners, vendors and friends to a fun filled day of golf. The event raised a record setting, $41,889!
The following Florida Legion Family members came to show their support by either playing golf or volunteering: Commander, Steve Shuga; 1st Vice Commander, Dianne Boland; NEC, Dennis Boland; NECA, Art Schwabe; Adjutant, Michael McDaniel; Asst. Adjutant, Bruce Comer; Judge Advocate, Larry Sheets; Baseball Chairman, Andy Burkett; Legion Riders Chairman and Adjutant, Jim and Jennifer Day; VA Entitlement Chairman, Larry Roberts; PVR Board President, John Dollinger; Legionnaires, Michael Beaven, Sid Damsgard, Dave Fox, Richard Izzi; and Auxiliary Members, Marika Ciancio, and Donna Roberts.
Our appreciation goes out to all of the sponsors, players, and volunteers for their continued support of Florida’s veterans!

Florida Legion Riders: Round Robin Ride

The Buy Diazepam From Europe will be holding several rides throughout the month of October. Every District is in competition between one another to earn the most points. Be sure to contact your Legion Rider District Chairman for information on your District’s ride.
The District with the highest point total, will receive this year’s Round Robin trophy at this year’s Fall Conference and will have a year’s worth of bragging rights!